CW 150: Battle of Fort Sumter

Bombardment of the Fort by the Confederates.

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On this day the battle of Ft. Sumter took place. This would become the first battle of the war. Even though the battle resulted in only one casualty. This minor loss would encourage southern resolve for the next few months as the secession process would continue and the war would happen.

The modern irony of this sesquicentennial is that all Federal Parks may be closed at times this year because of the government shutdown while the annual federal budget is still being negotiated. The current shutdown was overted but there are still more challenges to a long term budget yet to be decided.

Information contained in this article was fact checked using the online sources Wikipedia and CWPT. As well as works by Shelby Foote, James M. McPhersonBruce Catton, James I. Robertson Jr., and William C. Davis.


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