ReBlog of Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Facebook Friending 101 for Schools

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This is an excerpt from CoolCat Teacher’s Blog on Facebook and its new reality in the classroom space. I highly recommend everyone follow the pingback at the bottom of my excerpt and read the entire article. Great work on a complicated and touchy subject in some schools.

Facebook has added an incredible complexity to our lives and relationships for one simple reason: it is in writing. The courts have always put things “in writing” in higher esteem above word of mouth. Now that we are inundated with video, text, and photographs and a set of complex relationships – we end up with things “in writing” that are distributed far beyond our true “friends” into  places that get us in trouble.

don’t have all the answers but am wrestling with this problem and want to lay out the facts so you and I can become co-travelers on this journey. I speak from experience, however, having two significant experiences under my belt with the school in this arena, know that there are things that I cannot say about situations that come in out what I share. It can happen because it DOES. This isn’t theory.

via Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Facebook Friending 101 for Schools.


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