Julius Caesar Unit

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This unit will be a combination of both reading and watching Shakespeare’s play. Each day students will read the play and answer two-three questions about the play. Discussion and explanation of each Act will follow. The reading questions will emphasize information that will be on the test at the end of the unit.

Student expectations for the unit (April 1):

  • Complete worksheet on Sililoques and Monlogues
  • Book work Questions
  • Test

Students chose one of the following  projects (April 11):

  • Create a multi-page Timeline of the Play’s events.
  • Write a re-imagined short story version of the play at least.
  • Write a letter to a director explaining why you would be the ideal actor for one of the four lead characters.
  • Watch one a  movie adaptation of the play and write a movie review.
  • Act out one of the scenes of the play with at least one other student.

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