ReBlog School Library Journal: GA schools and iPads

I was emailed about this EdTech story today and find it utterly scary and radically amazing at the same time.

In a move led by its senate president Tommie Williams, the state is looking to see if it can substitute print books with iPads, according to a recent story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

(Williams did not return repeated calls to his district and state offices.)

With an annual outlay of $40 million for textbooks, the state is investigating if it can—and should—divert those funds to purchase the Apple tablet computers, says Williams.

As K-12 schools around the country begin to adopt ereaders in classrooms and media centers, few schools have attempted to implement the devices school wide, nor has a whole state, as Georgia appears to be doing, elected to replace printed matter for digital text entirely.

Even media specialists, often some of the first in schools to adopt digital tools, say an all or nothing approach such as the one Georgia is considering may be an extreme one.

Hit the link to see the whole story.

Georgia May Ditch Textbooks for iPads.


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