CW 150: Five Years of Posting… Ahead

Fog over the Antietam Battlefield

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I’ve decided to begin a new thread of blog posts to my otherwise normal class activities and neat info blog. For the next five years, I will atempt to write at least one Civil War minded blog post every two months. My plan is to progress forward with the sesquicentennial remembrances for all of those lost during this dark time in American history. Each of the postings will be a short narrative of the events or biographies of major players and personalities associated with the war. My core resources will be works by Shelby Foote,James M. McPhersonBruce CattonJames I. Robertson Jr., and William C. Davis. Additional infomation from the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech, the Civil War Preservation Trust, and th Sons of Confederate Veterans.

My hope is to develop a focused resource for any teachers looking for direction or thought while trying to teach this difficult topic.


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