Weekly Activities 09/27 – 10/01

Psychology: Completed notes on Basic Psychology. Viewed The Village for evidence of common social structures and how the absence of knowledge can be used to manipulate a people.

US History: Students turned in take home test about Imperialism and World War I. Everyone recieved the new set of notes. Students completed readings and book work based on the Harlem Renaissance and 1920’s Pop Culture.

Government: Students created the ideal Presidential Candidate and presented each one to the class. They also completed the last Presidents Quiz and book work relating to the Executive Branch. For homework they will have to write a second draft of their letters to congressmen about a personal issue that they feel is important.

I was absent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to attend a conference in Columbus, OH. While attending the EKU delegation learned that our bid to host the International Alliance for Invitational Education 2011 Conference was accepted. This is a great opportunity for Students, Parents, Teachers and Professors that are a part of the EKU/Model Community.


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Social Studies and English Assistant Professor at Model Lab School, EKU. My interests include education technology, social media in the classroom, politics, creativity studies, comic books, and writing.

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