What I found on my trip…

After Mr. Robinson and I arrived in Columbus on Tuesday, we were surprised to find out that we were staying across the street from… the Statehouse.

While trying to find parking for the hotel we accidentally found this marker. As it turned out we saw more historical markers too.

The Ohio Theater also shared the Street corner with our hotel. It was the site of another key meeting in the process mentioned above. The United Mine Workers were founded inside the theater.

Go to this page to find out more about Ohio’s Capitol Square.  Using this site as an example, choose any state capitol building, except Kentucky’s, and create a 2-5 page print out of the historic sites located around the statehouse. This should include a mapped route from site-to-site. Points will be rewarded for originality, personal insight, and theme based tours. Keep in mind, you may not copy any tourism site plans. You should do the research and create your own.


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