Weekly Activities 09/20 – 09/24

Psychology: We only had class on Monday, Thursday, and Friday due to testing and field trips. Students completed notes on Unit 03 and create cartoon drawing for Maslow’s Needs.

US History: Completed notes for Unit 03. Discussed war poetry and the issues of “shell shock.” Watched second half of Lawrence of Arabia Tuesday and Wednesday. Completed last map quiz on US. Take home test was given on Friday, due Monday 09/27 with Essay on LofA.

Government: Discussed basic differences of House and Senate. Collected book work and vocabulary. Students are to write a letter to a House Rep or Senator, due Monday 09/27. Selected the ideal President based on list of ideas created by each student. Presidents Quiz #5.


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Social Studies and English Assistant Professor at Model Lab School, EKU. My interests include education technology, social media in the classroom, politics, creativity studies, comic books, and writing.

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