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US History Blog Posts Second Nine Weeks

Blogs will be checked for the year on Dec 13 List of blogs for the second nine weeks follow after the link jump.

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US History: Unit 04 Imperialism Timeline

First Global Age Timeline Directions:  Take the following list and divide the events into columns based on these Areas: Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Americas. Some events will be placed in multiple columns.

Due in Class Monday, Sept. 30

Choose two and write a blog post about your opinion of the event. This is not a description but an opinion.

Link to the preliminary lecture on global imperialism  Link

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US History: Aaron Burr

English: Portrait of Aaron Burr, 1802

Aaron Burr, 1802 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use the following links to find research on why Aaron Burr was a Patriot, Politician, Opportunist, and Traitor. Then decide which title suits him best.

Essay should be 500-1000 words, Times New Roman 12pt Double Spaced. MLA citation.

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US History Web Search: Roaring Twenties and Great Depression

US President Calvin Coolidge and Washington Se...

Image via Wikipedia

Research the following people. Be sure to emphasize how each were important to American politics during the 1920s and 1930s and any events they were apart of during the time.. Any other events outside of the two decades is not relevant to the activity. Select two from each of the groups. In addition, explain what each group has in common with each other. Follow the link to find the list.

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US History Websearch: Progressives

Illustration of Theodore Roosevelt and Jacob R...

Image via Wikipedia

Research the following people and complete the chart. Be sure to only include what they have done as reformers, any additional information is not necessary. The textbook and other webpages may be necessary in order to find all information.

Theodore Roosevelt, Al Smith, Robert F WagnerRobert La Follette

Upton SinclairJacob Riis, Frances Perkins

Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Nation


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