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Asian Studies Research Readings: 1900-1930

Research the following terms and explain how they led to the development of the following ideas

  • Creation of the Modern Japanese Empire
  • Creation and Collapse of the Chinese Republic
  • Occupation of Korea by Japan

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US History Summer Reading

Union Army vessels flew the 34 star flag

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Each student must complete summer reading for US History. Students are to select and read one of the books from the list below. These books selected are meant to complement and accompany the two novels already selected for Mr. Rhodus’s Junior English Class. In addition to reading the books, a combination of two activities must be completed to demonstrate comprehension of the text and application to prior learning.

  • 750-1500 words
  • Combination of Book Summary and Book Review
  • Reflect on how the well the book portrays the historical time period
  • Include comments from at least three other Book Reviews (Professional or Amateur)
  • Reading Projects: Select one from the list below
    • This should be selected as a representation of the student’s learning and abilities.

    Both activities are due the Friday, August 19 (second Friday of the school year). It is the student’s responsibility to turn in the assignments on time. Any students, who enroll after July 22, must speak with Mr. Wilson about completing the assignment

    Follow the Link for additional information and a List of Books.

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    US History Projects

    Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother," a...

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    As of now, all US history projects will be due Monday, 10/25. We will also have the first Europe Quiz on that same day. Thursday will be a half day for project work. Friday will be an activities day and a link will be posted here for all those who miss class.

    Clarification on the projects. Whatever format you choose, it should be concise and concentrate on the time period we are currently studying.  In addition, all projects should have some kind of bibliography of sources to accompany the final product.


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