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Asian Studies: Dehli Sultanate

How and when did Dehli and Lahore rise to importance?
What was India like during the time following the collapse of the Gupta Empire?
How did the Dehli Sultanate come into being?
Where is Gujarat? What was its importance during 1200s and 1300s?
How did the Mongolians, specifically Timur, end the dominance of Dehli?

Asian Studies: South Asia Map

Afghanistan: Kabul
Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore
India: New Delhi, Bhopal, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai
Sri Lanka: Colombo
Nepal: Katmandu
Bhutan: Thimphu
Bangladesh: Dhaka
Myanmar: Yangon

Indian Ocean, Arbian Sea, Bay of Bengal
Indus R, Ganges R, Brahmaputra R, Salween R, Irrawaddy R
Great Indian Desert, Himalayan MTS, Hindu Kush

Asian Studies Reading Outline: Ancient China

History of China

History of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find the following Chinese Dynasties (XiaShang,Zhou).

  • Explain the significant contributions they made to Chinese culture/history?


Hundred Schools of Thought

  • What are the five major schools?
  • How are they different and similar?
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Asian Studies Map Quiz One

Just Countries not Capitals. Quiz will be Jan. 10

Russia     Mongolia     China    Kazakhstan

Japan  S. Korea      N. Korea     Taiwan      Philippines  Vietnam       Laos        Cambodia          Malaysia   Thailand      Indonesia      Bangladesh

Bhutan   Burma       Nepal      India        Pakistan  Afghanistan         Iran

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Asian Studies Map List

The following is a list of places that should be identified on your Asian Map: Print Out

China (Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong) Russia Mongolia Kazakhstan
South Korea  North Korea Japan
Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Azerbaijan
Iran      Afghanistan      Pakistan  India     Nepal Bangladesh Bhutan

Thailand Indonesia  Philippines Malaysia Vietnam Burma
Cambodia Laos

Himalayan Mountains   Khyber Pass   Gobi Desert   Great Indian Desert  Tian Shan (Mts)   Altay Mountains

Sea of Japan   South China Sea   East China Sea   Gulf of Tonkin   Philippine Sea         Bay of Bengal   Arabian Sea    Indian Ocean   Pacific Ocean   Arctic Ocean

Indus R.     Ganges R.   Yalu R.   Huang He (Yellow) R.   Yangtze R.  Pearl R.   Mekong R.

Japanese Islands: Hokkaido    Honshu    Shikoku    Kyushu    Okinawa    Ryukyu Islands

Indonesian Islands: Java    Sumatra


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