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Recap of class activities from the week.


Welcome to Rm 146.  (The Classroom of Mr. BF Wilson)

Since 2005, I have been actively writing and blogging about my personal life and my classroom.  This webpage is dedicated to class activities and information about upcoming class events. The links above will take you to class calendars in Google, these may be added directly to your smart phone, class syllabus, and review lists for various quizzes, tests, and final exams during the year. Follow the links below for current class activities.

ISS: Government    US History     Soph. English    Psychology-Sociology

Summer Reading and Viewing activities.

Each student must complete summer reading for Sophomore English or summer movie reviews for US History. The purpose of these additional assignments is to promote independent life-long learning. All activities are due the second Friday of the school year, and it is the student’s responsibility to turn in the assignments on time. Any students, who enrolls after July 15, must contact Mr. Wilson about completing the assignment.

Follow the links for information:

Follow this link for examples of my book and movie reviews.

ENG10 Blog List for the Year

List of blog topics (At least 250 Words, Two Web Elements)

  1. Personal Writing
  2. Choice: “Do you fear death?” Or “Common Flood Mythology?”
  3. Was Achilles really a hero?
  4. Choice: Dante’s Inferno p 665 #14 or 15
  5. Bibliography for Persona Projects
  6. Reflections on Persona Project work
  7. Personal Writing or response to Lord of the Rings Viewing.
  8. Personal Writing
  9. Personal Writing
  10. Reading Choice of “A Train to Rhodesia” OR “The Norwegian Rat”
  11. Poetry Writings

Class Essay Topics (More than 250 words, Two Web Elements)

  1. Julius Caesar: Who is the Protagonist?
  2. Julius Caesar: Support of Democracy or attack on Absolute Monarchy?

College Essay Topics (approx. 500 Words, Web elements are not necessary.)

  1. Write a Letter to your future self (5, 10 or 20 years in the Future). You must include the two random items from class.
  2. How to change the world w/… (something random or amazing). You must include the two random items from class.
  3. Which stories should be banished from the curriculum from next year?
  4. Write a reflection on on what the class has meant to you and possibly how you have change as a student.

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